Interview With Theodus Crane.




I recently got the chance to interview Theodus Crane who played ‘Big Tiny’ in Season 3 of The Walking Dead.


Did you have to audition for the role of ‘Big Tiny’ or did you receive a phone call from the producers asking if you would play the part?

Theo: I auditioned, they sent a request to my agent and we taped an audition and emailed it to them. Generally, there is a ‘callback’ where you go live in front of the producers and director and audition again,  but they said as soon as they saw the tape, they knew they had found their “Big Tiny”.

What was it like on set? Was it all serious or was there a lot of joking around?

Theo: When it came time to shoot, it was serious. Every now and again there would be a goof or an inside joke here or there, but everyone there is a consummate professional. That made it easier to goof off in the down time.

If Big Tiny wasn’t killed, do you think he could have become part of the group?


Theo: I do, I think he would’ve exchanged that damned hammer for something more conducive to a big dude making it in the zombie apocalypse. I prefer a machete, partially because of my island roots.

How do you think he got the name ‘Big Tiny’? Do you have any theories?

Theo: Same way I did, that’s one of the first things that happen when someone is classified as a ‘big dude’: He gets a slew of nicknames. I’ve been Tiny, Eclipse, Jurassic, Big Bear, Big Dog, Big Dude, and Big Dookie to name a few.

Do you watch the show every week?

Theo: I do! Unless I’m at a con or on the way home from one, then I have to find someone the DVR’d it. The storyline is compelling and I find myself reacting to my TV like it can hear me quite a bit. This is something I formerly prided myself on not doing. Ever.

We all know Norman Reedus (Darryl) has a lot of female fans, what was he like on set? Did you ever get to speak to him?


Theo: He was really cool, everyone was. There were no swollen egos or divas. I absolutely LOVED that!

When did you find out that your character was going to be killed?


Theo: When I got my script, we found out everything on set. I think that was why it was so important to have good actors on set; we had to come up with completely new characters on short notice.

Have you got any big projects coming up?

Theo: I have 2 projects coming up: Motel, starring Robert DeNiro, John Cusack, and Rebecca DeCosta, then there is a spoof of the “Hunger Games” coming out at the end of October. Any new news gets posted on my social media: @TheodusCrane (twitter) Theodus Crane facebook fan page, and 

Thanks for doing the interview, one last question. Who do you think is next to die?


Theo: Daryl… I’m just messing around, lol. I have no idea! I can’t wait to see myself!


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is released tomorrow in the U.S and on Friday in the U.K. The game looks pretty good judging from the trailers and screenshots, but has had a lot of backlash from its graphics. We don’t know yet if this is what it will acctually look like, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Personally I am looking forward to it. In the game you play as Darryl and his brother Merle as you try to silently navigate your way through the city before finally reaching the Atlanta camp in season one. You can buy the game from Amazon U.S here: , and from the UK website here:

Interview With The Walker Stalkers.

I got the chance to interview James and Eric from the brilliant ‘Walker Stalkers’ Podcast, have a read.

Who came up with the idea for the podcast?

James: Actually, it was a joint decision. I don’t think at anyone point one of us had the idea to do a podcast, it just came from our conversation on our trip home from Senoia, GA, after we visited the set of The Walking Dead.

Eric:  We just wanted to share our experience with everyone who is a fan of the show.  We realized how unique and special our visit was and wanted to make sure everyone who couldn’t make it to the set got to experience it too.  

Did you guys think that it would be as popular as it is now when you first started?
Eric:  We were really doing the podcast as just a follow up to our Youtube video that we posted that showed pictures and video about our trip to Woodbury, the set of the show. We wanted to just explain what had happened and discuss the photos and video that we captured.

James:  As we realized after the first podcast that we were going to continue to do more of these, we just said to ourselves, “As fans, what do we want in a podcast?” The idea was never to have in-depth discussions or to be too critical of the show, but instead to be a forum where we could talk about the show with others and TRY to get access to the cast and crew of the show. Once Greg Nicotero agreed to come on with us things began to snow ball from there and we found it easier to get guests onto the show. We really owe Greg a great deal of gratitude because had he not come on the show, who knows if we would ever get any of the other guests.


What’s it like getting to interview the stars of ‘The Walking Dead’ ?
Eric:  At first, we were very nervous.  I remember our first interview with Greg Nicotero.  James and I were so nervous before the interview.  I think we just didn’t know what to expect, but Greg made it easy for us.  He was really relaxed and we had a lot of fun. 
James: The cast and crew are amazing! They are truly the nicest people you could come across in the entertainment industry.  They really appreciate their fans and interacting with the fans. There is still a bit of anxiety and excitement each time we have a guest on.  I guess it’s the unknown of how the interview is going to go.  However, usually within the first few minutes things relax and we just get into rhythm with the guest.  
Which one of you would you say is the bigger walking dead fan, James or Eric?
James:  That’s hard to say.
Eric:  I agree.
James: We are both big fans and love the show.  I think that’s what makes this fun for us.  This all started as us just getting together to watch the show on Sundays and then talking about the episode after it ended.  The podcast was really a vehicle for us to do that with other people.  
Which cast member were you most excited to get on the show?
Eric:  I don’t know if there is just one cast member.  This past week was huge for us.  We had Andrew Lincoln on Monday, Norman Reedus on Wednesday, and Laurie Holden of Friday.  I don’t know if we will ever have a week like that again, even if we continue to do this for 10 years.  This week was AMAZING! 

Can you tell the readers a little bit about the season four premiere party and location tour?
James:  We’ve got about 40 tickets left out of 200 for a big party in Georgia, where they film The Walking Dead.  We are going to watch the Season 4 Premier on a 100 foot screen, party, and then do a live podcast with some special guests.  Before the party, we will have a tour of about 20 filming locations.  It will be an awesome day!

How long does it take to prepare for the podcast?
Eric:  We start pre-production for next week’s episode on Monday mornings. 
James:  Actually, in truth, we started long before that because we spend weeks contacting publicists, managers and agents to get guests scheduled so we can announce them on the podcast.
Eric:  That’s right. Monday mornings we are already getting things organized for any interviews or spots that we want to have on the podcast.  The podcast, for us, isn’t just the podcast but it is also about interacting with other fans during the week and making sure we are being responsive through social media.  We’ve really created, what we think, is a great resource for Walking Dead material in our website.  We are always looking for ways to improve the podcast and the show.  

James:  So, to really answer your question, with interviews, prep, the podcast itself and then post-production, Eric and I, jointly, probably put in anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a week just to produce one episode. 

Eric:  I just really want to thank everyone, too, who helps and contributes to the show.  Without all of these fans and listeners, we wouldn’t be having as much fun as we are.  I think if it was just the two of us, we probably would have stopped by now.  Don’t get me wrong, we love talking about the show and speaking with the stars of the show.  But, it’s being able to connect with other fans and connecting other fans to the stars.  Take this week, we had Laurie Holden on the show.  We took some flack for the sound of the call (which is with a 15 year old, British, girl – half-way around the world) but the pure excitement in her voice and how Laurie responded to her was priceless.  That’s exactly why we do the show and why we will keep doing the show. 


Any big competitions or anything coming up on your website?
James:  Nothing big at the moment, other than just preparing for parties in March, July and October.  We are really excited to get to meet face-to-face with everyone.  We’ve really become this community of “Stalkers” and to finally connect will be awesome.
Eric:  Thank you everyone who listens and participates on the show!  We really do appreciate your involvement.  We’ve said it so many times, it really isn’t OUR podcast – we are just the hosts of a podcast for fans of The Walking Dead.
Thanks again to James and Eric, it was a pleasure. You can find their website here at: