Interview With Theodus Crane.




I recently got the chance to interview Theodus Crane who played ‘Big Tiny’ in Season 3 of The Walking Dead.


Did you have to audition for the role of ‘Big Tiny’ or did you receive a phone call from the producers asking if you would play the part?

Theo: I auditioned, they sent a request to my agent and we taped an audition and emailed it to them. Generally, there is a ‘callback’ where you go live in front of the producers and director and audition again,  but they said as soon as they saw the tape, they knew they had found their “Big Tiny”.

What was it like on set? Was it all serious or was there a lot of joking around?

Theo: When it came time to shoot, it was serious. Every now and again there would be a goof or an inside joke here or there, but everyone there is a consummate professional. That made it easier to goof off in the down time.

If Big Tiny wasn’t killed, do you think he could have become part of the group?


Theo: I do, I think he would’ve exchanged that damned hammer for something more conducive to a big dude making it in the zombie apocalypse. I prefer a machete, partially because of my island roots.

How do you think he got the name ‘Big Tiny’? Do you have any theories?

Theo: Same way I did, that’s one of the first things that happen when someone is classified as a ‘big dude’: He gets a slew of nicknames. I’ve been Tiny, Eclipse, Jurassic, Big Bear, Big Dog, Big Dude, and Big Dookie to name a few.

Do you watch the show every week?

Theo: I do! Unless I’m at a con or on the way home from one, then I have to find someone the DVR’d it. The storyline is compelling and I find myself reacting to my TV like it can hear me quite a bit. This is something I formerly prided myself on not doing. Ever.

We all know Norman Reedus (Darryl) has a lot of female fans, what was he like on set? Did you ever get to speak to him?


Theo: He was really cool, everyone was. There were no swollen egos or divas. I absolutely LOVED that!

When did you find out that your character was going to be killed?


Theo: When I got my script, we found out everything on set. I think that was why it was so important to have good actors on set; we had to come up with completely new characters on short notice.

Have you got any big projects coming up?

Theo: I have 2 projects coming up: Motel, starring Robert DeNiro, John Cusack, and Rebecca DeCosta, then there is a spoof of the “Hunger Games” coming out at the end of October. Any new news gets posted on my social media: @TheodusCrane (twitter) Theodus Crane facebook fan page, and 

Thanks for doing the interview, one last question. Who do you think is next to die?


Theo: Daryl… I’m just messing around, lol. I have no idea! I can’t wait to see myself!


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